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    True Story is a comedic storytelling show. Funny people tell funny stories based on an arbitrarily chosen theme for the night.


    Thanks to all of YOU who came out to True Story on Sunday night! Brian Fikelstein knocked it out of the park. Martin Torner was hilarious as always! We got to hear from Jodi Skeris and Steve Kaufmann! And Damon Pfaff charmed the pants off of everyone with his guitar moves. 

    I think we’ll have to do it again.

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    Next True Story YOU might get to tell a story!

    On Sunday, October 28th

    at 10pm

    True Story will feature Brian Finkelstein (The Moth, UCB) and Martin Torner (Moth Grandslam Winner!).

    Damon Pfaff will be playing guitar. 

    and YOU might have your name picked out of a hat to tell a five minute story. 


    it might be you.

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    True Story is now PODCASTING!

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    TONIGHT! 7:30pm!

    True Story brings an all star cast of storytelling amazingness to the stage!

    Justine Barron (I Blew It: A Storytelling Show)

    Jenna Brister (OBV: A Variety Show)


    Dave Ross (Two Headed Beast: A Storytelling Show)

    Hosted by Debbie Friedman

    You’ve been drinking all day. Come hear some stories!

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    Monday, August 6th 7:30pm!


    True Story has some to tell you…come hear:

    Damon Pfaff

    Gina Nicewonger

    Rebecca Leib


    Geoff Schoenberg

    With the musical stylings of Damon Pfaff on guitar!!!!

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    Monday, August 6th 7:30pm iO West!

    Story-lovers everywhere, mark your calendars! We’ve got some stories coming at you AUGUST 6th!!!

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    Monday, July 2nd 7:30pm!

    True Story is back for JULY!!!
    Monday July 2nd at 7:30pm Mainstage
    Theme: Summer!
    Amazing Storytellers: Katie Ward, Julia Prescott, Georgia Hardstark, and Oscar Sagastume
    With special guest guitar player: Damon Pfaff!

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    Monday! June 11th on CRIME

    Join us on Monday at 7:30pm and hear stories on the theme CRIME! from the evil genius minds of:

    Matteson Perry (winner and host of The Moth!)

    Jonas Sansone

    Helen Harlan


    Nate Ballard!

    Hosted by Debbie Friedman

    It’s gonna be a great night! Please join us at iO West for some cheap drinks and good times!

    6366 Hollywood Blvd

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    Tonight Tonight! 7:30pm!

    Alex “Axels of Evil” Cohen of LA Derby Dolls and NPR’s All Things Considered will be telling a story tonight!!

    With Luis Cortes, Jessica Lee, and Genevieve Howell!



    We’ve all had ‘em. Let’s talk some funny.

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